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Our Vision

The ability to think about or plan the future, with imagination or wisdom. As individuals we naturally gravitate towards others who align with our own belief system. It was always apparent that we as a collective wanted to make that a driving factor in our ambition. Sportfishing has an incredible history. Rich with tradition and heritage passed down through the generations. A respect, an admiration for the ocean and her secrets. Along with a deep passion and drive for the hyper competitive atmosphere it brings. The top echelon in both conservation and professional sport. We strive everyday to represent this level of quality. Helping preserve the way of life that we are so passionate about, and ensure it’s survival in future generations. These resources we find ourselves fortunate enough to pursue are ours to steward. Through professionalism, dedication, and hard work.


Our Story

Capt. Rob has always had blue water in his blood. Growing up his grandfather was very involved in the South Florida and Bahamian tournament scene. Trips to Harbour Island as a baby and sitting in the Rybovich fighting chair aboard the Strikefighter it seemed all but fate that he found himself on the coast pursuing the ocean as an adult. Still just as much of a family operation today as it was in the day, Bill Noelker, plays a pivotal role and is much of the inspiration for what Persistence is at its core. Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Fisherman, A decorated Navy Pilot. His dream, Our dream, has always been for the ocean. As things started to get rolling it was only natural that we had to expand. Very quickly Capt. Justin and Capt. Dennis came on because they were both excellent representations of what PSF is. They both embody every attribute, and strive everyday to not only better themselves but send the right message to our clients. So PSF was established. 
Persistence Fishing

Our Team

About Rob Noelker – Panama City Beach Fishing Charter
Rob Noelker

As a third generation sportfisherman Capt. Rob Noelker has blue water in his veins. His grandfather Skip started this heritage on a 48’ Ocean called the Strikefighter. Winning a South Florida sailfish Gold Cup, chasing blue marlin in the Bahamas, and competing for the podium in several other tournaments. The history and experience this family has to offer is rich.

Justin Horne

Capt. Justin Horne, an extremely competent and skilled local charter boat Captain. Capt. Justin brings his own wealth of knowledge and experience in a fishery he’s been a part of his entire life. One of the most successful wreck/reef fisherman in our area, you’re sure to have a memorable experience. Capt. Justin always entertains so don’t be afraid to cut up!